TRANS NASA DOEL is a leading transportation company in Kumanovo founded in 1993 with 100% Albanian capital . The company's main activity is the transport of goods within and outside the country of origin to final destination .

Due to the rapid growth of our business activities , in early 2000 , the company's staff took a very important interaction for the future of the company. Staff decided to expand and to go further . From a small company it became a large company . Because of this we increased the number of our fleet of trucks in a number of different vehicles for transport services .  

Already for 22 years , the company operates throughout Europe and the Balkans for the transport of goods within and outside the country with speed, flexibility , security and cost-effective .

Through our global partners , our company is able to meet every need of yours for transport within the country , the Balkans and Europe .

NASA TRANS offers regular transport from Macedonia ( export and import ) with the following countries :

  • SWITZERLAND ( domestic transport )

NASA TRANS sh.pk has 7 available  tools such as :

  • Mac trailers
  • Mega volume trailers
  • Wagons